Welcome to International Maritime Agency LLC

International Maritime Agency LLC (IMAL) is US based company whose primary focus is providing independent freight forwarders around the world with a neutral option for reliable representation in North America. Our North America offices in New York and Los Angeles are staffed with experienced logistics professionals who have expertise in multiple international trade lanes. In addition to our ability to provide reliable and competitive logistics support in North America, we provide timely and dependable settlements along with financial security to our agent partners.

IMAL began as India Maritime Agency with a focus on the India – US trade and distinguished itself from other forwarders in both India and North America through dedicated personalized service and a commitment to excellence. IMAL expanded to open an India branch in Mumbai in early 2016 to further strengthen our relationships with our Indian partners. Our scope of service quickly grew to cover trade lanes beyond the Sub Continent to include South East Asia, Europe and the Middle East. IMAL continues working exclusively and non-exclusively with forwarders eager for a trusted partner in the US.


  • Prompt and reliable settlements
  • Highly competitive handling fees
  • Consistent reliability and integrity
  • Ability to grow profits
  • Complete neutrality
  • Long term view of partnerships
  • Experience/commitment to India/US market
  • Comprehensive US sales organization
  • Solid carrier relationships at both operational and management level

What makes IMAL Unique

  • Fully automated processes
  • Complete shipment visibility
  • Management team with over 100 years experience
  • Financial strength and stability
  • Prompt and reliable settlements
  • Owner operated with 24x7 management accessibility
  • Company owned offices on both Atlantic and Pacific coasts


IMAL offers the latest-cutting edge industry tools. IMAL’s STS (Shore to Store) service cuts process, time and cost from your current import supply chain