Door to Door

IMAL’s Door to Door service cuts process, time and cost from your current import supply chain

From Shore to Store or Shore to Door

IMAL’s STS (Shore to Store) service cuts process, time and cost from your current import supply chain
Running late on a delivery or just simply want to cut time and cost?

Let us explain how...

Typical Export / Import to USA Process

Retailers are demanding. They want their products delivered on time and in saleable condition. Often penalties are associated with late shipments or improperly processed shipments. IMAL has the solution.

Delays are your / our enemy! What can happen to cause penalties or late deliveries?

IMAL Option 1

Provided you know store allocations prior to consolidating / shipping from origin:

  • IMAL can receive your orders on a spreadsheet and pre print all UPS / FedEx ground labels or UCC 128 labels for each product going to each store. The labels are applied to cartons prior to loading into ocean containers at origin. Our service is available from India, China or virtually anywhere in the world.
  • These shipments are turned over to UPS / FedEx for ground shipments directly to stores, upon US arrival and customs clearance. Usually the same day as international arrival.
  • No warehousing, DC storage, or pick and pack required. Just the fastest way possible from factory delivered to store.
  • Your cartons hit the USA, labeled and ready for delivery to your retailerís stores.

IMAL Option 2

Or if you don’t know the allocations at the time we ship from the factory - let IMAL handle the transportation of your goods from origin:

  • We will then arrange for customs clearance, and bring to a local port warehouse where we can prepare your shipments for UPS / FedEx delivery directly to your retailerís stores or via LTL or FCL truck to their DC once you have the order details.

IMAL Option 3

Or there is a lag between cargo arrival at the US and when store allocations are known:

  • IMAL can provide import transportation service, customs clearance coordination and economical storage for your export / import items before you need to ship.
  • We offer dedicated warehouse space for your product that eliminates per month storage charges. In addition you can count on safe / secure long-term space to hold your goods.
  • Once your orders are ready, we can produce UPS / FedEx shipping labels or UCC128 labels, Packing slips, Truck BL and make arrangements for outbound shipment to your retailers.
  • IMAL’s warehousing options offer dedicated space and geographic flexibility.